Riot's Mark Reale Passes Away at 57

Mark Reale, guitarist for Riot, passed away early Wednesday from complications of Crohn's disease. He was 57.

The final cause of death was most like the Crohn's complications and a brain hemorrhage that he had suffered almost two weeks ago. His webmaster had posted yesterday that he had the hemorrhage on January 11 and had been in a coma since.

Reale's official website now contains four verses from the bible and the following tribute:
Our brother Mark Reale went home to be with our Lord this day January 25th 2012 after a long battle and complications from Crohns disease. He is survived by his father Anthony Reale and was precede in death by his mother Frances Reale. Mark was born June 7th 1955 in Brooklyn new York at a time when rock and roll was flourishing with many new sounds. Early in his life, his first interest had been the movies. ever curious, he had shown an interest in film. But then, songs he heard on the radio began to change that. He quickly began to love music from the Beatles and Cream. Mark lists George Harrison and Eric Clapton as great influences. When he was 7 years old his grandfather bought him his first basic guitar to practice on and later his father bought him a new guitar and amp. the passion had begun.

In the early to mid 70's his influences included the likes of Edgar Winter, Ronnie Montrose and Rick Derringer. He also loved a range of bands and artists from Al Di Meola to Deep Purple. In 1975 Mark formed the heavy metal band RIOT, then at a block party Mark's father found vocalist Guy Speranza. Marks guitar style and his passion for writing songs that told stories that were so deep and moving had made a real connection with those who would become life long fans. The fans felt so connected to Mark because the lyrics in RIOTS songs were extremely close to the stories of their own lives. His song writing style could weave tales of anything from old lore to battle fields and warriors, personal loss and triumph. And heavy metal anthems that will be with us for decades to come.

The brethren of brothers that mark spent his life long career in music with and whom he leaves behind or joins in heaven are, Guy Speranza, L.A Kouvaris, Kip Leming, Peter Bitelli, Rhett Forrester, Rick Ventura, Jimmy Iommi, Sandy Slavin, Tony Moore, Don Van Stavern, Mike Flyntz, Pete Perez, Bobby Jarzombek, Mike Di Meo, John Macaluso, Bobby Rondinelli, Mike Tirelli, Frank Gilcrest and Damon Di Bari who was always like the "6th" member of the band being Riots lighting director / production manager / tour manager and Marks personal assistant. Marks final days were spent with Damon at his hospital bedside, sharing the bands fans thoughts, well wishes and prayers. Even though Mark began his career in New York, San Antonio was a special place he loved and not only lived here for awhile but had planned on moving back here to make San Antonio his permanent home.

With heart felt thanks to the fans around the world, the United States, Japan, Europe and all points in between. The RIOT army ment everything in the world to Mark., it's what kept him going. The loyalty and love of the bands fans fueled his passion and desire to continue making music for as long as possible. Please keep the mighty tor in your hearts and the memory of Mark alive within you for as long as you can.

Shine on Mark shine on!

6th Member

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