Chambers Brothers to Reunite

The Chambers Brothers, who scored a major hit in 1968 with Time Has Come Today, are reuniting for a new album and summer tour.

Being voted as one of Los Angeles' top 50 bands was such an honor for them that they made the decision to bring the band back together. Tour and concert dates are soon to be announced which will be used to make a behind the scenes DVD of their journey.

Some other greatest hits of The Chambers Brothers include I Can't Turn You Loose, Love Peace and Happiness, and Funky. Getting their start in their hometown church choir, The Chambers Brothers went from hometown legends to one of the biggest rock groups in 1968 throughout the 70's with the release of Time Has Come Today.

Their new official website ( says of their new album "Other things that we’ve got going on is the release of a new CD with all new songs. We will be, of course, re-recording some of our greatest hits including “Time Has Come Today,” “People Get Ready,” and “Love Peace and Happiness.” We are looking forward, and are super excited to be getting back into the studio to record. Look for our new CD coming out in the later part of 2012."

In speaking with The Chambers Brothers regarding their reunion, Joe Chambers said "We are so excited to get back into the studio to rehears again. It's been awhile and now, as the song says, time has come today."

Willie Chambers agrees: "Time has definitely come for us to get back out there touring and seeing our fans again. We are really happy to be doing this. Rehearsals are going well and we are having so much fun."


Phil Cohen said...

Sadly, drummer Brian Keenan(the white "brother" on the group's Columbia albums) won't be with the group, as he passed away many years ago.

Gina said...

This news made my day! Thank you.

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