Could We Have a Release Date For Van Halen's New Album?

A new graphic hit the web on Tuesday with the Van Halen logo and the date 2.7.12.
The release sent fans on a mission scouring for clues and speculating on the significance of the February 7 date (if that is a date at all).

Most bets have it as the release date of the new album, the first with David Lee Roth since 1984. The theory is supported by the fact that this is during Grammy Week and the Recording Academy has been teasing about a supergroup appearing on the show (the original message pointed toward the Nomination Special but most are thinking they meant the actual awards program).

Others are thinking it is, at a minimum, the date for the first single from the album. There is also talk about the front of the train reading New York Central System.

The album, whenever it is released, will be the first new studio release in 13 years for the group along with the 27 year span since the last album with Roth.

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Anonymous said...

27 years since an album with Roth + the 12th studio album= 2.7.12.

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