Alice Cooper Forced to Call Off Show Due to Food Poisoning; First Show Cancellation in 30 Years

Alice Cooper - Theatre Of Death-Live At Hammersmith 2009 (DVD W/Bonus CD)Alice Cooper is one of the hardest working men in rock, as is shown by his over thirty years of touring without cancelling a date. Unfortunately, that amazing run has come to an end.

Cooper was scheduled to appear in Santiago, Chile when he suffered from food poisoning. Alice was on his way from Mexico City to Santiago and had Chilean Sea Bass on the plane.

A statement from his assistant KC at his website read, “As many of you know, Alice Cooper was forced to cancel his first show in 30 years last night! Alice got food poisoning somewhere on our trip between Phoenix, Mexico City and Santiago. We had a long layover in Mexico City, where he was feeling fine. Once we were on the plane to Santiago after an 8 hour layover in Mexico City, Alice started to feel ill. He didn't sleep the entire flight, so naturally when we arrived in Santiago he was feeling fairly zombieish. He was unable to sleep at the hotel all day, even after a visit from local Dr. Phillips (who I heard as Dr Feelgood as he introduced himself!). We got him on some medication and put him to bed, which is where he stayed until this morning”.

Alice recovered the next day and the show in Buenos Aires, Argentina went ahead as planned.

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