Listen: My People by Yusuf With Voices Submitted By His Facebook Followers

My PeopleYusuf Islam (the former Cat Stevens) has released a new song that was initially for the people of Egypt but now applies to all of the country's of the Middle East.  My People is a new homage to peace, much like his 70's classic Peace Train, and to give voice to all of his fans and supporters, he posted a backing track on his Facebook page.  People were then asked to sing along with the chorus of the song and submit the files for inclusion on the record.

The track is available, free of charge, on Amazon, the distributor Rough Trade and Yusuf's own site (

"I decided to record my next album in Berlin, an historic city which has become an international symbol of peace since the wall came down two decades ago,” says Yusuf.  “We were following the recent news across the Middle East and North Africa, and felt it was important to record a song that sent out a message of support and peace from free people, to people who want to be free."

An official video is coming next week but, for now, here is a fan made version of the complete song along with a short promo.

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