Ronnie Dunn of Brooks & Dunn and Alison Krauss Working on New Don Henley Album

Forget About ItRonnie Dunn of Brooks & Dunn has said that he is singing on the new Don Henley country-flavored album.

“Sang on the new Don Henley record, Friday. Don, Allison Krauss and my unqualified self. I was in WAY over my head in that talent pool. Hope it came off to good. Also, Stan Lynch (Google that name...) another hero, was involved. Lucky me!,” Dunn wrote on Facebook.

Henley started work on his first solo album in 11 years last week in Nashville with Stan Lynch (ex-Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers) producing.

The album Dunn and Krauss will appear on will be an album of country covers although Henley has stated previous that he is working on two new solo albums.

The covers album returns the favor country artists did for Henley and the Eagles when they gathered in 1993 to record Common Thread: The Songs of the Eagles. Brooks & Dunn were one of the acts that contributed to the record. They covered Best of My Love.

The Eagles had disbanded 13 years before the release of Common Thread: the Songs of the Eagles. The project was the catalyst for their reformation in 1994.

There is no official release for Henley’s album at this stage. Next month, the Eagles will regroup in Asia and continue the Long Road Out Of Eden tour.

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