Peter Hook to Record EP of Joy Division Songs

by VVN Music

Best of Joy DivisionPeter Hook is going back to his roots to record a four-song EP of Joy Division songs.  The release will include his band The Light and former Happy Mondays singer Rowetta.

Hook told the site Slicing Up Eyeballs:

We’re going to do something with Rowetta, our singer who we use in England, who worked with Happy Mondays. She wants us to record an EP of the four (Joy Division songs) that she sings, which are Insight, New Dawn Fades, Atmosphereand a track called Pictures that I finished up, which is an old Joy Division track. So we’re going to do an EP of that, just because the versions of the songs with Rowetta singing have a really nice quality. But I’m hoping we’ll do some stuff with The Light in the future. It’d be nice to write some new music; they’re such a great group, to be honest.
Hook hits the U.S. from December 1 to 11 to perform the Joy Division album Unknown Pleasures in its entirety.

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