Preview: See My Friends - Ray Davies & Special Guests

Artist: Ray Davies
Title: See My Friends 
Release Date: November 1, 2010 (U.K.)
Label: N/A
Format(s): CD, DD

Ray Davies once again returns to the Kinks' catalog, this time for an album of collaborations with other artists.  See My Friends will be released on November 1 in the U.K.  No date has been officially announced for a U.S. release.

There are a few repeats from last years Kinks' Choral Chronicles album including classics like You Really Got Me and All Day and All of the Night along with many others from the catalog such as Dead End Street and Lola.  Collaborators run the gamut from the late-Alex Chilton and Bruce Springsteen to modern artists like Mumford & Sons.

"This project came about almost by accident," says Davies.  "With some tracks I had to appreciate the style of the other artists, otherwise it would have sounded unbalanced. And I wanted the album to work as an entire listening experience but each track had a life of its own."

Davies had to travel around Europe and the U.S. to record with all of the artists, including Oslo, Norway (Metallica), New York (Bon Jovi), New Jersey (Springsteen), Chicago (Joel) and, of course, his home base in London.  

Track List:
  • Better Things - Ray Davies & Bruce Springsteen
  • Celluloid Heroes - Ray Davies, Jon Bon Jovi & Richie Sambora
  • Days/This Time Tomorrow - Ray Davies & Mumford & Sons
  • Long Way From Home - Ray Davies, Lucinda Williams & The 88
  • You Really Got Me - Ray Davies & Metallica
  • Lola - Ray Davies & Paloma Faith
  • Waterloo Sunset - Ray Davies & Jackson Browne
  • 'Til The End of The Day - Ray Davies, Alex Chilton & The 88
  • Dead End Street - Ray Davies & Amy MacDonald
  • See My Friends - Ray Davies & Spoon
  • This Is Where I Belong - Ray Davies & Black Francis
  • David Watts - Ray Davies & The 88
  • Tired Of Waiting - Ray Davies & Gary Lightbody
  • All Day And All Of The Night/Destroyer - Ray Davies & Billy Corgan

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