Could Brad Pitt Be the Next Jerry Lee Lewis?

Jerry Lee Lewis: The Original Greatest HitsIn 1989, Dennis Quaid pounded on the keys and ran off with the child bride as Jerry Lee Lewis in the biopic Great Balls of Fire.  Twenty-one years later, Terrence Malick would like to tell the Killer's story again.

Malick, whose resume includes Badlands, The Thin Red Line and the legendary Hollywood bust Days of Heaven, has reportedly approached Pitt about taking the lead role.  He has also said that he wants Natalie Portman to play Myra Gale Brown, Lewis' third wife and 13-year-old cousin.  The bad publicity from the marriage derailed his career for a number of years. 

Malick is currently working on his film Tree of Life and, based on the director's track record, it could be some time until we see the Lewis film.  He has been known to go anywhere from five to twenty years between releases which means Portman may age out of her role (further) before the film goes before the cameras.  That's OK, though, because she could play one of Lewis' other five wives.

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