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Roger Hodgson's Management Clarifies Agreement and Song List

Crisis? What Crisis?Roger Hodgson's management took to Roger's site earlier this week to make a more complete statement about the agreement on songs that are allowed to be performed by Hodgson and Rick Davies after the original breakup of Supertramp.

As we have been reporting over the last two weeks, Davies is going on the road with a new Supertramp lineup and, despite the agreement between the two principals of the group, he has been advertising the shows both on his website and a tour promo video with Hodgson's work mixed in with his own.

The management statement not only lists the songs that each wrote, but firmly states that this was a written agreement (most talk was based around a verbal one previously), stating that the provided lists were from Exhibit A of the contract.
Many fans have written in and asked who really wrote and composed Supertramp’s songs. So, our intention is to help the public realize who the actual songwriters were behind the classic “Supertramp” songs so that when people hear Roger’s voice, “one of the most recognizable voices in rock history,” they will recognize it as Roger Hodgson, the songwriter and composer of the songs we love. It is our hope to give Roger the honor and appreciation for his musical creations that have given the world so much. And with that goal in mind, we have prepared the following song list.

Also many fans have asked about the agreement that Rick and Roger made concerning their respective songs when they dissolved their partnership. When Roger Hodgson left Supertramp 27 years ago he and Rick agreed that the band would not play Roger’s songs. Their agreement was for Supertramp to become a vehicle for Rick’s music and Roger would go forward with his future secured by his songs and his voice. And it wasn’t just a gentleman’s agreement. The publishing company & the contract legally recognize which songs each songwriter actually wrote and Roger was given legal copyright and approval rights for his songs and Rick for his.

The songs Roger Hodgson sings that are often referred to as Supertramp songs are songs that Roger wrote and composed alone - that is how he creates music. He will often hear the musical composition first, then the lyrics come. Sometimes he will hear the whole song complete inside himself before he puts it down on paper and recording. When he was with Supertramp, he would make a demo of the song and bring it to the band for them to learn their parts. So Supertramp as a band never wrote and composed together, there were only 2 songwriters for the band. The songs Roger sings lead vocals on are the ones he composed the music and lyrics for, and the songs Rick sings lead vocals on are the ones that he wrote.

We are posting below the song list from Exhibit A of the contract, which is "a schedule of the titles... showing the actual writer(s) of each composition" giving Roger the approval rights of his songs and Rick the rights for his.

Written by Roger Hodgson
  • The Logical Song
  • Give a Little Bit
  • Dreamer
  • It’s Raining Again
  • Breakfast in America
  • Take the Long Way Home
  • Sister Moonshine
  • Land Ho
  • If Everyone was Listening
  • Hide in Your Shell
  • Easy Does It
  • Lady
  • The Meaning
  • Two of Us
  • A Soapbox Opera
  • Even in the Quietest Moments
  • Babaji
  • Fool’s Overture
  • Child of Vision
  • Lord Is It Mine
  • Crazy
  • Know Who You Are
  • Don’t Leave Me Now
Roger Hodgson’s Other Popular Solo Songs
  • Lovers in the Wind
  • Along Came Mary
  • Love is a Thousand Times
  • Had a Dream
  • Open the Door
  • Hungry
  • In Jeopardy
  • Only Because of You
  • Death and a Zoo
  • For Every Man
Written by Rick Davies
  • Bloody Well Right
  • Crime of the Century
  • Goodbye Stranger
  • Rudy
  • Asylum
  • Summer Romance
  • Another Man’s Woman
  • Ain’t Nobody But Me
  • Poor Boy
  • Lover Boy
  • Downstream
  • From Now On
  • Casual Conversations
  • Gone Hollywood
  • Just Another Nervous Wreck
  • Oh Darling
  • You Started Laughing
  • Put on Your Brown Shoes
  • Bonnie
  • My Kind of Lady
  • Waiting So Long
Jointly Authored by Davies and Hodgson
  • Just a Normal Day
  • School


Eleanor Rigby said…
It is unfortunate, to say the least, that Rick Davies is not being an honorable man and abiding by his word to not perform Roger Hodgson's songs in concert. Rick is currently touting his upcoming tour by using Roger's songs and image in the Supertramp tour adverts. Roger has not been with the band since 1983. There is only one possible reason I can think of as to why Rick is doing this and it is because it quite clearly is Roger's songs that fans want to hear. If you want to see the original singer/songwriter of such classic hits such as Dreamer, Give a Little Bit, Take the Long Way Home, Breakfast in America, The Logical Song, Fool's Overture, and so very many more, see Roger Hodgson in concert. Roger is currently in the midst of his worldwide tour. Give yourself the gift of seeing Roger live. You will be so very glad you did. I had the good fortune of being able to see Roger in Canada last month. I was amazed at the sheer talent of this man. He sounds even better today than he did 30 years ago. Tour details can be found on his site at
Dreamweaver93 said…
The confusion develops when people believe that they are going to see a Supertramp concert billed as a "reunion" when one of the two original founders will not be present for even one show but his music will used to promote attendance at the groups concerts.

This is misleading, for Rick Davis and Roger Hodgson have written their music separately since "Indelibly Stamped". Most of the group’s hits were written by Roger, some before he even knew Rick. An agreement between the two was not sing each other’s songs as to not mislead fans....Roger has kept to this while Rick has not. So people buying tickets, not being aware of this arrangement and expect to hear the originals singing the songs........

So as to not confuse fans, it needs to be clear there is an opportunity to experience both "Rick Davis" Supertramp and Roger's Hodgson's music this fall. It will not be together....sadly.

Currently, Roger is touring, check out his website for concert dates, he fills his performances with love and compassion, you will never forget the evening you spend with him.......
Rosie D said…
I agree with Eleanor: Rick is obviously worried that his songs alone will not draw the audience. Well, he's right to be worried. Although I admire Rick as an artist and composer, he can't hold a candle to Roger. A REAL reunion would have been fantastic. Now, obviously, that will never happen. Rick, please re-earn my respect by abiding by your agreement with Roger.

If you want to hear Supertramp's hits performed by the original artist, go see Roger Hodgson -- he's on tour now! -- you'll be very glad you did!
nuskysa said…
It's clear who was the soul of ST, all that songs written by Roger are the songs that most people associate with ST,were the most successful ones. Rick Davies knows it, and that's why he uses them, even he doesn't like most of them.
So,Attend a concert of Roger Hodgson is something nobody should miss. He’s the best voice around, and it sounds better than ever. If you want to experience Supertramp sound, undoubtedly, a concert of Roger is the best place to get it, because he has been and remains its soul, its heart and essence.

In Roger's words:
“Since this is the first time we are touring simultaneously since we split up 27 years ago, I expect Rick to honor the agreement he and I made that the band would not play my songs.”
It's all said.
Anonymous said…
Agree to what's been said above .. hard to believe why Mr. Davies is in need to go out and play songs he didn't write himself, and just a few days before I read about an interview with Roger Hodgson that Rick Davies never really liked Roger's songs, in fact Roger had to 'fight' for his songs when he was with Supertramp, especially for 'Breakfast in America' ! And now Davies has the courage to advertise with all these mega hits, written by Hodgson ! To announce a 40th Anniversary Tour without the original co-founder of the band is bad enough .. to play the music and 'heritage' of that other important original member is even worse !
vydal said…
Follow your heart,only Dreamer,The Logical Song,Breakfast in America,Give a Little Bit,Sister Moonshine,Lord is it Mine,Even in The Quietest Moments..and many others would be performed by the original composer,songwriter,and singer Mr .Roger Hodgson,with His particular voice.