Peter Gabriel Protests Development in Area That Inspired Solsbury Hill

Peter GabrielThe picturesque Woolley Valley near Bath in the west of England was once the home of Peter Gabriel and inspired him to write his 1977 hit Solsbury Hill.  That area of the country is now under threat from developers as they start digging ponds and putting in roads without, according to residences, the proper planning permission.

The area council in Banes has ordered the work to stop but not asked that the damage be repaired, a move that protesters say is to the long-term detriment of the area that has been designated as green belt land with heavy development restrictions.  In addition, free range animals, including alpacas and chickens, have had their land disrupted.

Gabriel is one of the most vocal in the fight against the developers, telling The Times that “The development is making a mockery of our planning and environmental policies. I can only think that Banes don’t have the resources to fight it.”

The next step for Gabriel will be a Wednesday (May 19) press conference where he will lay out the legal actions that will be taken to stop the construction.

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