Update: The Subject of You're So Vain Most Likely Remains a Mystery

No SecretsNews sources were hot yesterday on a story that the the subject of Carly Simon's You're So Vain had finely been revealed. 

Supposedly, if you play a new remastered version of the song backwards (who really has time to do this?), you can hear the name David whispered leading sources to believe that the subject is new Rock and Roll Hall of Famer David Geffen.   Simon had a fairly contentious relationship with the record company head because she felt that he was spending more time promoting Joni Mitchell.

Here's the problem.  The Simon/Geffen feud didn't start until two years after You're So Vain was recorded.  In addition, people who have heard the backwards version of the song say that you can also hear the name Warren whispered, which could be Warren Beatty.

Update: Sheila Weller has published an article on the Vanity Fair site confirming that it is not David Geffen through a number of interviews with Simon's inner circle of friends.  Simon's webmaster may have even given a clue when she said "Why does everyone assume it was about a famous man?"

Also, a correction.  The whispered David is not heard on the remastered version of the original song but on the new version from Never Been Gone.

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