Steven Tyler/Aerosmith Controversy Fizzles Out Like a Bad Soap Opera

Well, after a couple months of "We voted and you're out of the band," "My Dad [lawyers] said you can't do that," "Well, we're having Donny Osmond over to the garage to audition tomorrow," it seems like the whole Steven Tyler and Aerosmith story arc has fizzled out like a bad soap opera.

June 10 has been set for the start of the band's Cocked, Locked, Ready to Rock Tour of the U.K. and Europe with eleven shows announced so far.

The announcement came from their official site:
Aerosmith - the biggest, most enduring and thrilling band in rock history will make a spectacular return to the UK and Europe this summer with the COCKED, LOCKED, READY TO ROCK TOUR! spawning what will be the ultimate music event of the new decade.

"Back by popular demand with more spit and fire than ever before, we're coming across the pond and parting the waters as we go," says Steven Tyler.

"Aerosmith is going to be rocking in the UK and Europe this summer," adds Joe Perry. "Enough BS - we're coming and everything is going to be set at eleven."

Band members Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Brad Whitford, Tom Hamilton and Joey Kramer will hit Europe for the first time in three years to deliver a fistful of knockout, heart pounding, headline summer rock shows:
  • Sweden - Rock Festival – June 10th
  • UK - Download Festival – June 13th
  • UK - London 02 Arena – June 15th
  • Romania – Bucharest – June 18th
  • Greece – Athens Olympic Stadium – June 20th
  • Holland – Nijmegen Goeffert Park – June 23rd
  • Belgium - Graspop Festival – June 25th
  • Spain – Barcelona St Jordi Arena – June 27th
  • France – Paris Bercy Arena – June 29th
  • Czech Republic – Prague 02 Arena - July 1st
  • Italy - Venice Festival – July 3rd
For more than 30 years Aerosmith, four time Grammy winners, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees (2001), recipients of 12 MTV VIdeo Awards and countless other awards have performed electrifying sold out concerts around the world for decades along with selling well over 150 million albums.

Drummer Joey Kramer says, "Aerosmith is back! Bigger, better and stronger than ever! So look out Europe, 'cuz we're comin' to get cha."

Guitarist Brad Whitford added, "I'm not sure who is happier, the band or the fans. Can't wait to get started. We'll see you this summer."

The Sweden Rock Festival is the band's first European date and they can not wait to uncork the tour in Solvesborg on June 10th.
Here's two different versions of the announcement of their return:

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