Philadelphia International Fire Ruled Arson, Gamble & Huff Vow to Rebuild

Fire officials in Philadelphia have ruled that the Sunday morning fire that severely damaged the third floor of the Philadelphia International Records building was indeed set deliberately although they are not releasing any further information.

Building owners Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff held a press conference on Tuesday to discuss the situation with building and the contents.  The third owner, Thom Bell, did not participate.

The following are statements made by the pair during the appearance:

"We feel violated that someone would go into such a sacred place and create such havoc."

"Our space has been violated by someone who chose to set fire to it, but what's most important is that we will build it again and continue to rebuild. Nothing is going to stop us."

"Some of the things we lost in the fire are irreplaceable.  We will know better in the days ahead what our total losses will be."

[This building] "has been our home for the last 40 years and also has been a refuge for so many other artists and singers. It's been a tremendous part of our lives."

"The No. 1 thing that went through our minds as we walked through the facility is that thankfully, no one was hurt. After all the years our building has been there, we've never had any problems that come close to this. The devastation is just horrible. It's unbelievable."

"It hurts.  There's so much water damage and smoke and fire damage that the whole place will be have to gutted. But we'll be back. Stronger than ever."

"Maybe we'll write a song about it. 'The Day They Burnt Philly International Down.'"

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