Plastic Ono Band Releasing New EP Tomorrow, Album in September

The Plastic Ono Band have a new EP, Don't Stop Me!, that will be released tomorrow through iTunes as an exclusive. The EP is a precursor to the full length album, Between My Head and the Sky, which will be released in September. Both are through Chimera Music.

The group, who has always had a rotating lineup, currently consists of Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon and Cornelius and Yuka Honda of Cibo Mato with Marc Ronson producing.

The full album was recorded at New York's Sear Sound (the old Hit Factory where Double Fantasy was recorded) with tracks produced by Sean who said “Yoko unleashed a deluge of new songs, writing about 16 songs in 6 days, the most prolific day peaking out at 6 songs written and tracked in an afternoon. The recording session was like a tornado of inspiration. Some of the best lyrics on the record Yoko actually ‘freestyled’ as if she were a lyrical divining rod.”

The song list for the EP:
  • The Sun is Down (Cornelius Mix)
  • Ask The Elephant!
  • Feel The Sand
  • Calling

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