Graham Nash & Robyn Hitchcock Plan Career Spanning Sets

Both Robyn Hitchcock and Graham Nash plan to release box sets of some of their best works over the next nine months.

Hitchcock's contributions are spread over the next year.
  • I Wanna Go Backwards, a five-CD or eight-record set from Yep Roc is due on November 13. The set contains three of the artist's albums, Black Snake Diamond Role, I Often Dream of TrainsEye along with unreleased tracks from the sessions.
  • While Thatcher Mauled Britain, Parts 1 & 2 will also be released November 13. The two-disc set contains B-Sides and rarities.
  • Groovy Decay, Hitchock's 1982 album, will be released in the digital format only.
  • Shadow Cat, a CD of unreleased recordings from the 90's, is planned for early 2008.
  • Reissues of albums by Hitchcock's first band, The Soft Boys, is also expected in early 2008 from Britain's Sartorial label.
  • Finally, Yep Roc will release a boxed set of music from the Egyptians with a tentative release date of May 1, 2008.
Hitchcock is also working on new material with his latest project, Venus 3, and will do an eleven-date tour of the U.S. starting November 2.

Graham Nash is also digging into the archives for Reflection, a 65-song career retrospective that will be out in February.

Nash told Billboard, "I've been remixing songs for my box set. It starts in 1964 and ends in 2004. So it's the Hollies to the last record that David and I put out. And everything is in there. It's me solo, me with Crosby, me with Neil, me with Stephen and Neil, and me with Stephen, Neil and David." "I had never actually listened to 65 pieces of my own music in a row. Why would I ever have the need to do that? But it was very interesting. I'm a pretty decent writer."

The set will also include unreleased material and different versions and mixes of some songs.

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