James Brown's Oldest Daughter Going to Court

LaRhonda Petitt, who claims that she is James Brown's oldest daughter based on a recent DNA test, will be in a Columbia, South Carolina court on Monday looking to right what she says has been a long-time wrong.

Petitt has already filed a paternity action so that she can be legally named one of Brown's daughter and will be asking the court to share the estate with her as a natural child who was not provided for in the will and for back child support.

Petitt said, "I've been walking around looking like this man for 45 years. I'm not talking no negative talk, I'm talking about what's right."

In a further twist, Petitt wants all people claiming to be Brown's children, including those named in the will, to undergo paternity tests. "Just because they're in the will doesn't mean they're all my daddy's children," Petitt said.

Finally, Petitt takes issue with Brown's body being temporarily kept in a crypt at one of the daughter's homes. She would like to see it moved to a mausoleum where it could be visited more freely by family and friends.

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