Europe Weighs in On Their Most Wanted Reunions

Europeans were recently asked "Which band would you most like to see re-form," by Music Choice and the winner, with a 26% response, was Pink Floyd.

That might be a pipe dream, though, as David Gilmour recently told Rolling Stone that a Floyd reunion would be "very retrogressive. I want to look forward, and looking back isn’t my joy. Roger hasn’t written a lyric lately that has really been something where I’ve gone, “Wow, I wish that was part of my oeuvre.” I don’t know how one puts it, but going back into all that just wouldn’t bring me joy. It’s my time of life to be selfish, please myself."

Coming in second on the list was Abba with 19% while Guns N' Roses was third with 15.73%.

The Top 10:
  1. Pink Floyd
  2. Abba
  3. Guns N' Roses
  4. Jam
  5. Talking Heads
  6. Fugees
  7. Van Halen
  8. Wham!
  9. Spandau Ballet
  10. Boyzone
The survey also asked Europeans what groups they would like to see split up. The Spice Girls topped the list at 22% while Westlife and Girls Aloud came in second and third. The Rolling Stones came in fifth.

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