Classic Rock, Metal Hammer and Prog Magazines Reacquired and Will Continue

by VVN Music

When it was announced that Britain's Team Rock would cease operations right before Christmas, it seemed that it could be the end for Classic Rock, Metal Hammer and Prog magazine.

At the time, 73 of the 80 employees were let go with little hope of receiving the pay they were owed; however, a benefit was organized to try and help those that were displaced through the holiday season.

On Monday (January 9), it was announced that all three magazines had been rescued by their former owner, Future Publishing, which also is responsible for Guitarist, Total Guitar and RadarOnline. The amount paid for the titles, events (Golden God Awards, Classic Rock Awards) and licenses for the former streaming radio station was in the area of $975,000 (£800,000).

It also looks like good news for former employees as the company said in a statement "The Editors and Art Editors of the brands are already back on board to help restart where we left off. We hope to contact other former editorial staff and contributors in the near future and will provide an update about our intentions as and when we can."

Subscribers should expect to see the next issue of all three magazines in the very near future. They were completed before the December announcement but had not made it to the printers.

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