Short Song Sample of Unreleased Michael Hutchence Song; Final Unreleased Music in 2017

by Paul Cashmere, Noise11

Tech entrepreneur Ron Creevey has revealed his plans to mark the 20th anniversary of the death of Michael Hutchence by unveiling an 11-second teaser for the stunning unreleased song Kik It.

Creevey is the founder of The X Studio and HeliPad Records, the label Michael’s unreleased music is managed through.

Kik It will be featured in full when the final recordings of Michael Hutchence are released throughout 2017, leading up to the 20th anniversary in November 2017. Creevey has posted the world premiere of the Kik It teaser on his Facebook page and The X Studio Instagram account.

As well as the unreleased songs Michael’s fans will also see the first official documentary about Michael from the Michael Hutchence estate.

“We are very advanced. We are very developed with the documentary,” Ron Creevey tells We are halfway through the filming of it. On the music side, we are working with great producers being driven by Danny Saber. We are not only taking what Michael did in the end but we are bringing it up to a standard for what is relevant for today. I would say Kik It is one of the best songs I have heard in a very long time. Michael’s fans are hearing all sorts of stories in the media so today we are going to give them that 11-second sample. This will give fans a teaser to what is coming.

The estate of Michael Hutchence is in no way involved with the management of INXS and INXS has zero to do with Michael’s solo work. "100%", Creevey concurs. "Michael had parted with his manager four years before he passed away. That is common knowledge. The management of INXS has nothing to do with me, it has nothing to do with Michael’s estate and it has nothing to do with Michael’s family. I speak to his family. I consult them on things. His sister Tina has been fortunate enough to sit in the studio and listen to the music. She is part of this. The family has been consulted, they are up to speed. I have been talking to them the whole time, involving Andy Gill in London. Andy speaks directly with Michael’s daughter Tiger and lets Tiger know what is happening. Everybody involved with us is real. The family knows every step of what we are doing and appreciate it".

In 2015 Danny Saber told Noise11 that Michael was at a point where INXS was no longer his priority. “He had outgrown INXS at that point creatively and he was looking for something else,” Danny said. “The band had become so big and was on the downturn and he wanted to grow. I think it was more artistically driven than anything. It’s hard for bands that big. It’s like the changing of the seasons. Money comes into the equation and you don’t want to take creative risks anymore and Michael was all about creative risks.

“I think what Michael was looking for was an alternative and to take a break. He did not want to come back to Australia and do that tour,” Danny added.

“The music that Michael was producing was clearly going solo and just different to INXS, Ron Creevey said today. “Michael started to head down a path that you could see a lot of inspiration coming through. Michael had started to go down a path of good Aussie rock that even today is relevant. I am working with some of the greatest rock bands now reinvigorating that era. A lot of those people were very good friends of Michael and they have been able to fill in the blanks. It is Michael’s estate. It is Michael’s intellectual property. It is everything to do with Michael and it doesn’t take anything away from INXS. INXS were one of the greatest Australian bands ever but Michael was equally a brilliant solo artist”.

Ron Creevey’s Helipad Records will reveal more of the final music of Michael Hutchence through-out 2017.

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