New B.B. King Track Being Released on Friday, His 91st Birthday

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A newly released song featuring B.B. King is being released tomorrow, September 16, 2016, for what would have been the King of the Blues' 91st birthday. The Rainy Day Blues performed by B.B. King and the band DizzyFish is an instant classic even though it was originally recorded some 25 years ago.

The song which was written and produced by Eric Herbst leader of the band DizzyFish was originally recorded shortly after B.B. recorded When Love Comes To Town with U2 and before B.B. recorded Riding With The King with Eric Clapton, when B.B. was arguably at his peak.

"B.B.'s performance on this is incredible," Herbst said. "We are releasing it now after all these years because it's a great unreleased recording that deserves to be heard. "B.B.'s voice and Lucille (his playing) are timeless on this. Blues fans will be enjoying this new classic every rainy day until the end of time and it's always raining somewhere."

"Working with B.B. on the Rainy Day Blues was an true pleasure and absolutely magical" Herbst said "The song was recorded in the Las Vegas desert and amazingly it rained that day, lol. B.B. was the nicest man I ever met and knowing him changed my life. Honoring him in this way is very important to me. Happy Birthday Mr. King," said Herbst.

The Rainy Day Blues with B.B. King is being released by DizzyFishMusic, llc as both a single and as bonus track on the new DizzyFish CD available currently exclusively on

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