Gregg Allman's Health Crisis Was Pneumonia

by VVN Music

Gregg Allman has finally revealed what put him in the hospital and caused him to miss almost two months of dates, pneumonia.

When word broke in early August that Allman had been hospitalized with a "serious health issue" and would postpone and cancel all shows through mid-October, many fans feared for the worst. Gregg has had a number of different health issues over the years and the lack of information was making them think that something serious had resurfaced.

Only a few days later, a reportedly false statement and Facebook post allegedly came from Allman's children that Gregg was headed home but the information was quickly claimed as faked and the post was deleted, continuing to leave everyone in the dark.

Yesterday, Westword out of Denver posted an interview with Allman that finally cleared up the mystery. "Right in the middle of the thing I got pneumonia. Yeah, that was a drag. I was almost to the end of a tour. I had two more to go, and damn, it just set in. I had to postpone two of the gigs, but we’ll go back and make them up, for sure."

Allman will hit the stage at Red Rocks this coming Sunday for his own Laid Back Festival but he'll be keeping things a bit sedate as he offers up an acoustic set. Also on the bill are ZZ Top, the Richie Furry Band, Jaimoe’s Jasssz Band, Lucie Silvas, Levon and People’s Blues of Richmond.

Gregg will then have a bit more time to recuperate as his next date isn't until October 29 with the Atlanta edition of the Laid Back Festival followed by a ten night run at City Winery in New York from November 6 to November 18.

Allman will also be the subject of a new photo exhibit, Midnight Rider: The Photography of Patricia O'Driscoll at Morrison Hotel Gallery in New York from November 10 to 27.

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