Darlene Love Finds a New Home For Her Performance of "Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home)"

by VVN Music

In 1963, Darlene Love released the song Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home) as part of the album A Christmas Gift For You From Phil Spector.

In December 1986, Love was asked to sing the song on the David Letterman Show, a performance that became a holiday tradition for the next 28 years. Although the writer's strike stopped her from doing the song in 2007, Letterman had her on the final show before Christmas every year until his final pre-holiday airing on December 19, 2014.

With Letterman's retirement, that tradition ended but, according to Love, it's about to be resurrected after just one year off.

Love posted on her Facebook account that she will be performing the song on a "popular daytime national TV show" in December but she wasn't at liberty of saying which one. That announcement is coming in the next few days.

Here are her first and last performances of the song on the Letterman show:

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jvale1961 said...

Darlene performed Baby Please Come Home on The View so I suspect that is the "daytime TV Show' she may be referring to.As long as she get's a place to perform it..I don't care..I just want to see it every year like she did on Letterman!! Maybe Dave will even show up or call that day!!!

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