Watch: Barbra Streisand and Seth McFarlane in the Studio Recording "Pure Imagination"

by Paul Cashmere, Noise11

When Barbra Streisand contacted Seth MacFarlane with the idea of recording a duet he said, “it shocked the hell out of me.”

Seth MacFarlane sings Pure Imagination with Barbra Streisand on her new album Encore: Movie Partners Sing Broadway.

“I’ve always loved the song Pure Imagination. It was another Tony Newley song. I didn’t know he wrote it for many years and I thought Seth MacFarlane would be great,” Barbra said.

However Seth never thought of himself as an obvious choice for a Streisand duet. “When I heard that Barbra wanted to work with me it shocked the hell out of me. It still shocks the hell out of me,” MacFarlane said.

MacFarlane is the creator of the animated TV series Family Guy, a show known for a few Streisand moments over the years.

According to the Family Guy wiki “in Wasted Talent, she appears with husband James Brolin. They are sitting on their couch drinking wine. Streisand’s bestselling albums are hung above it”.

“In Stewie Kills Lois, Brolin wants to go shopping, so Streisand supplies him with a large mound of money shot from her nose.

“She also appeared in Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story segment “Stewie B. Goode” in her The Prince of Tides role. Her nose is blurred in censorship, as part of Lackluster Video’s policies regarding works that don’t comply with Christianity”.

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