Liam Gallagher Denies Wanting to Reform a Noel-less Oasis, Calls His Brother a Potato Over and Over

by VVN Music

Every two to three months, it becomes necessary for their to be discussions of an Oasis reunion.

The band split in 2009 after years of acrimony between brothers Noel and Liam Gallagher. Each of the brothers has gone on to success with solo projects, Noel with High Flying Birds and Liam with the now defunct Beady Eye.

Things have never gotten better between the brothers and, on Monday, Paul Ashbee, a friend of Liam's and an author who has a new book coming out on the band, wrote of Facebook:
So Liam looked at the possibility of going out on his own with the original members of oasis,but guess what Noel wouldn't endorse it,maybe he can go out as THE RAIN and play songs like TAKE ME SNAKE BITE REMINISCE,could work,just saying
Fans jumped on the comment and, yesterday, went to Liam, asking him "any truth in this LG?" Liam responded "Ignore him he's mentally ill and he's a utd fan LG x" (utd being a Manchester United fan).

Liam has also been taunting his brother, referring to him as a potato.

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