Set List: The Dixie Chicks Open The U.S. Leg of Their DCX MMXVI Tour in Cincinnati, OH

by VVN Music

For the first time in ten years, the Dixie Chicks are on the road in the U.S. for a full tour.

Their 2006 Accidents and Accusations Tour was the last time the trio played anything but a trickle of dates. Reeling from the highs of sweeping the Grammys with their Taking the Long Way album and the lows of being locked out of the country marketplace because of comments made about then President Bush, the band kept a low profile with singer Natalie Maines recording a solo album and sisters Emily Robison and Martie Maguire recording and touring as the Court Yard Hounds. Occasional shows together, including a few opening for the Eagles, dotted their calendars but nothing of substance.

The DCX MMXVI Tour opened on April 16 in Antwerp, Belgium with the group playing thirteen European shows before opening the U.S. leg of the tour on Wednesday night at the Riverbend Music Center in Cincinnati, OH.

With no new music to promote, the trio depended on their four albums together (their were also three before the current lineup was cemented) for the majority of songs, peppering the set list with covers of songs from the likes of Patty Griffin, Lana Del Rey, Beyonce, Bob Dylan and Ben Harper.

Their pop and Grammy triumph, Taking the Long Way, accounted for seven of the 25 songs in the set while Home was heard from six. Fly had four songs and Wide Open Spaces was represented by just the title cut. That left six covers and a bluegrass medley.

Missing from the set were a number of big early hits including the country number ones There's Your Trouble and You Were Mine from Wide Open Spaces and Without You from Fly.

The set list:

Main Set
  • The Long Way Around (from Taking the Long Way, 2006)
  • Lubbock or Leave It (from Taking the Long Way, 2006)
  • Truth #2 (from Home, 2002)
  • Easy Silence (from Taking the Long Way, 2006)
  • Favorite Year (from Taking the Long Way, 2006)
  • I Like It (from Taking the Long Way, 2006)
  • Long Time Gone (from Home, 2002)
  • Video Games (Lana Del Rey cover)
  • Top of the World (from Home, 2002)
  • Goodbye Earl (from Fly, 1999)
  • Video Interlude: Ace of Spades (Motörhead cover)
  • Travelin' Soldier (from Home, 2002)
  • Don't Let Me Die in Florida (Patty Griffin cover)
  • Daddy Lessons (Beyoncé cover)
  • White Trash Wedding (from Home, 2002)
  • Instrumental Bluegrass
  • Ready to Run (from Fly, 1999)
  • Mississippi (Bob Dylan cover)
  • Landslide (from Home, 2002)
  • Silent House (from Taking the Long Way, 2006)
  • Cowboy Take Me Away (from Fly, 1999)
  • Wide Open Spaces (from Wide Open Spaces, 1998)
  • Sin Wagon (from Fly, 1999)
  • Not Ready to Make Nice (from Taking the Long Way, 2006)
  • Better Way (Ben Harper cover)

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