Sebastian Bach's Bizarre Twitter War With William Shatner

by VVN Music

William Shatner is a very active poster on Twitter but it doesn't look like he knew what he was getting into when he sent an innocent emoji to rocker Sebastian Bach.

On Monday, Bach "liked" one of Shatner's posts to which William replied with an emoji of a purple devil face. Bach replied with the emoji for devil horns and Shatner sent back a face with the eyes looking upwards.

That led to the following exchange over a number of hours (some comments have since been deleted):
Bach: "what is this emoji wars?" [emoji of thumbs down]

Bach: "you're the guy from Star Trek right?" [emoji of hands clappling]

Shatner: "No I'm the other guy. You're thinking of @HamillHimself it happens; we don't look anything alike however.

Shatner (in reply to fan comment): "He was on Gilmore Girls???"

Shatner: "The band guy in Rory's friend's band! Of course!"

Bach: "I'll come over anytime"

Shatner: "Anytime? I'll get back to you with my schedule."

Bach: "Yeah, I'll bet you will. Maybe better for you to stick behind your computer screen."

Shatner: "I will. I keep my word. I'm back in town the week of the 13th."

Bach: "Good. I will run over to your house on the 13th. Perfect day for it. See you soon emoji man."

Bach: "u don't have to harass me on Twitter. I live right near your u in studio city. I run past your house. Say it to my face"

Bach: "I will run past your fucking house every day until the day I die. Deal with me with your phaser cell phone bullshit."

Shatner (in response to comment he was trolling): "Troll? He like a tweet I replied to him. I do that. He follows me. If he doesn't like what I say he can unfollow."

Shatner: "It sounds like he's not having a good night so it's better to stop interacting with him."

Shatner: "I don't know what to think of it but hopefully he's just having a bad day and tomorrow he'll be fine."

Shatner (to Bach): "Maybe you need to unfollow me if you cannot stand interacting."

Bach: "maybe you should not tweet me a devil face and not expect a real devil face in return"

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DrBOP said...

The infantilization of American culture continues......


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