Paula Cole Writes of Broken Music Business, Goes to Kickstarter For Jazz/Roots Cover Album

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Paula Cole is not impressed with the current music business model.

In a long Facebook post on Monday, Cole expressed her displeasure with the way the business has gone and the very low payouts for the artists which is why she had decided to make her next album independently through crowd funding on Kickstarter. Cole said:
Should this Kickstarter campaign be successful, it will fund my 8th studio album (likely) entitled "Ballads", a weaving of American roots music; my first album of cover songs. I can honestly say I've been wanting to make this album my whole career. There will be jazz ballads next to traditional songs and swing and blues - it's all roots music. I will self-produce live recording sessions featuring some of the greatest musicians in the music business today, paying tribute to some of our beloved masters of yesterday (Bessie Smith, Billie Holiday, Nat King Cole, Johnny Cash, Nina Simone, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Bobbie Gentry to name a few.)
Cole's goal is $60,000 with $27,000 already in the coffers and 22 days to go in the campaign.

Dear Ones,

It has been 20 years since digital hit the music delivery business, affecting artists' income. It is becoming increasingly difficult for artists to survive. There are transaction fees to withdraw our own money from an ATM, yet increasingly there are no transaction fees to listen to music, have a physical experience from the music. Because there is no legal or practical protection for this semantic aspect of ownership vs. streaming. Meanwhile the inventors (we artists) are fleeced. And a handful of owners of digital distributors/streaming platforms cash in (Spotify, Apple, Tidal) as they lobby. Everyone is affected. Prince was working hard at this cause before his death. T Bone Burnett recently spoke in Congress about it. What do I tell my beautiful students - the future of the music business and our planet. The artists of our society are not compensated for their investment, talent, hard work, vision. And so, we turn away from the corrupted music business which began death of delivery in the first place, and we turn to a DIY music world. Which is me. And you. And until the laws change to protect our rights, this DIY revolution is here.

I'm not interested in making albums on my computer by myself in my bedroom. I'm interested in assembling the best musicians in the world together in a room, working with a great engineer, tapping into live magic. Then capturing it. That's the music I love - real instruments played by real human beings. With air around the instruments as they play together, bleed together; with an extremely high level of musicianship and a spiritual devotion to the music itself.

To those of you who have pre-ordered "Ballads" and to those of you who have contributed above and beyond, for the exclusives, I'm so grateful to have you as a team. I freaking love you and my thanks is a physical feeling in my heart I am light-beaming you in some kind of prayer.

Thank you for valuing music, valuing artists, valuing my contribution.

On a practical note, I only have until July 13th to raise the remainder of the funds - I won't collect or be able to record this album unless I reach that goal by July 13th. This process is pretty nerve-wracking and I depend on our collective, so please be a pal, and share this campaign link. Would you consider telling a friend, emailing, posting the link, contributing if you're just arriving. By the end of it we'll have a work of art and a team. Couldn't do it without you and there are no words to express myself, though I try.

With heartfelt gratitude and love,
Paula Cole first hit the mainstream in 1993 when she toured with Peter Gabriel on his Secret World tour. Gabriel often gave Cole the spotlight during the show giving her a chance to show off her strong, beautiful voice.

Paula released her debut album, Harbinger, in 1995 and, a year later, scored two huge hits with singles from her album This Fire. Where Have All the Cowboys Gone? went to number 8 on the Hot 100 while I Don't Want to Wait went to 11 and number 3 on the Adult Contemporary chart, boosted by its use as the theme for the series Dawson's Creek.

Cole has recorded a total of seven albums over her career.

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