Previously Unknown Half-Sister of Prince Files in Minnesota Court

Last Tuesday, Prince's sister, Tyka, filed papers with a Minnesota court that stated that there was no known will.

Without a proper will in Minnesota, there is a line of possible heirs that are in line to inherit an estate starting with a spouse, children, parents and, finally, siblings. In the case of Prince, he had none of the first three so his siblings, of which there is one sister and five half-brothers and sisters, are in line to divide the proceeds from his estate.

Tyka's filing, though, stated that "The decedent has heirs whose identities and addresses need to be determined" which implied that there could be additional people with a claim to his estate. The first of those people seems to have come out today when Darcell Johnston filed legal documents placing her own claim.

Johnston says that she is a long lost half-sister born to Prince's mother and, according to TMZ, the singer's other siblings just learned of her existence a few days ago.

Tyka is Prince's only full sibling. Prince and Tyka's father, John Nelson, had three daughters and two sons from a previous marriage before marrying their mother, Mattie Shaw. Two of those, one half-brother and one-half sister, are deceased.

Shaw had two sons, one born before marrying Nelson and one born after their divorce. Where Johnston fits into the timeline, if it is found she is a true sibling, is unknown.

Under Minnesota law, half-siblings are treated the same as full-siblings so, at this point, the estate appears that it will be split either six or seven ways.

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