Individuals Claiming to Be Related to Prince Refusing Genetics Testing

by VVN Music

Here's one that only everybody saw coming.

Two people who have come forward claiming to be related to Prince are formally objecting to the requirement for blood and genetic tests that are being required by the court to establish a relationship with the late singer.

Brianna Nelson, who is claiming to be the daughter of Prince's late half-brother Duane Nelson, and Jeannine Halloran, who is the adult guardian of Brianna's minor granddaughter, Victoria, have stated in a court filing that they have already provided the proof necessary of their blood relationship to Duane Nelson.

Prince, who died on April 21, had only one full sibling, his sister Tyka. There are also seven half-brothers and sisters of which five are alive. Prince and Tyka's father, John Nelson, had three daughters and two sons from a previous marriage before marrying Mattie Shaw. Two of those, one half-brother (Duane) and one-half sister, are deceased.

Shaw, Prince and Tyka's mother, had two sons, one born before marrying Nelson and one born after their divorce.

So far, there is only one other claim from a Carlin Williams who is currently in prison on a weapons charge. Williams claims he is Prince's son from a one-night stand with his mother. He is also objecting to the genetics testing. 

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