Former Brian Wilson Band Member Convicted of Rape

Scott Montgomery Bennett, a keyboard player for Brian Wilson's band, has been convicted of rape in Tulsa, OK.

The charges came from a December 5, 2014 incident at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Tulsa in Catoosa, OK that was captured on security video allegedly showing Bennett stopping a 21-year-old inebriated woman from exiting an elevator, taking her to the twelfth floor of the hotel where he tries to help her down the hall, eventually lying down next to her in the hallway and sexually assaulting her.

A Catoosa officer wrote at the time in an affidavet that "It is clear from watching the video that the victim is extreamly (sic) intoxicated and is unaware of her surroundings. The subject however appears to be in complete control of his faculties."

The woman, when interviewed the next day, could not remember ever meeting Bennett. In his own defense, Bennett said that he did touch the woman in a sexual way but denies any further sexual activity. Police testified that they found articles of the victims clothing in Bennett's room and that his DNA was found on her body.

The jury found Bennett guilty of rape by instrumentation and sexual battery. They recommended three years for the rape and two years for the battery charge. Bennett is scheduled for sentencing on June 14. His lawyer said that they would appeal the verdict.

Bennett has played on every one of Wilson's albums since 1998's Imagination and has written a number of songs with Wilson:
  • Imagination (1998) - Guitar
  • Gettin' In Over My Head (2004) - Guitar, bass, percussion
    • Co-wrote City Blues with Wilson
  • Brian Wilson Presents Smile (2004) - Keyboards, guitar
  • What I Really Want For Christmas (2005) - Glockenspiel, organ, piano, vibraphone
  • That Lucky Old Sun (2010) - Vibraphone, piano, keyboards, xylophone, drums
    • Completed George Gershwin songs The Like in I Love You and Nothing But Love with Wilson
  • In the Key of Disney (2011) - Drums, marimba, piano, B3 organ, vibraphone, synthesizer
  • No Pier Pressure (2015) - Percussion, acoustic piano, B3 organ, vibraphone
    • Co-wrote One Kind of Love with Wilson

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