Prince Set to Outdo Michael Jackson With Top Five on British Albums Chart

When Michael Jackson died in 2009, it set off a flurry of buying his music that was unprecedented in music.

For weeks after his death, Jackson's albums regularly held three of the top five spots on the British Albums chart and had four of the the top six on the chart of July 5, 2009 with albums by La Roux and Kasabian interspersed. Overall, he had 11 of the top 100.

The mid-week chart in Britain is showing an even stronger reaction to the passing of Prince with five of his albums taking the top five spots:

  1. The Very Best of Prince
  2. Ultimate Prince
  3. Purple Rain
  4. The Hits/The B-Sides
  5. Sign O' the Times
In addition, he has 16 albums in the top 100 but, to be fair, Prince had a much more extensive catalog than Jackson.

Over on the singles chart, it also appears there has been a flurry of downloads on his individual songs, too. Purple Rain is number 2 mid-week, When Doves Cry is 6 and Kiss is 11. In total, fifteen of Prince's tracks have reentered the Singles list. 

Whether the singer will be able to duplicate the feat in the U.S. is doubtful with Beyonce's new album hitting the market.

The final British charts will be out on Friday. 

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