Coachella Organizers Want Stones, Dylan, McCartney, Young, Waters and the Who For a Fall Mega Festival

How much would you pay for a weekend festival that includes the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, Neil Young, Roger Waters and the Who?

You may just have the chance to see that show (and test the limits of what you'll pay for a concert ticket) this fall if Goldenvoice, the people who put on this weekend's Coachella Festival, have their way. It all started when the company wanted to balance out their year with a fall festival at a time when the area around Indio, CA did not have heavy tourist travel.

They settled on Columbus Day weekend, October 7 to 9, and went about trying to land some of the biggest artists in the history of popular music. While negotiations are still ongoing and nothing has been officially announced, those in the know say the tentative schedule is:
  • Friday, October 7 - Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones
  • Saturday, October 8 - Neil Young, Paul McCartney
  • Sunday, October 9 - The Who, Roger Waters
Let's face it. That bill could constitute one of the greatest ever assembled with all six acts not only being members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame but each, in their own way, having been a major influencer and contributor to the rock music as a whole. 

Neil Young's manager, Elliot Roberts, told the LA Times "It's so special in so many ways, because you won't get a chance to see a bill like this, perhaps ever again. It's a show I look forward to more than any show in a long time."

A source has also told Billboard that, like the current Coachella, there are discussions to make this a two weekend event with a duplicate lineup each week.

A possible official announcement could come in the next couple of weeks.

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