Set List: Brian Wilson Opens "Pet Sounds" Tour in Auckland, NZ

by Paul Cashmere, Noise11

Brian Wilson has more original Beach Boys than the Beach Boys in his current band. Al Jardine is in his band so together with Brian, Brian’s band has twice as many original Beach Boys as Mike Love’s Beach Boys branded band.

Wilson is out on the road for one last time to perform his Beach Boys classic Pet Sounds from start to finish. The 1966 album was his masterpiece, inspiring The Beatles to try harder in the studio with the result for them being Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band. (The Stones then tried to outdo The Beatles and failed miserably with the horrid Satanic Majesties disaster).

Brian Wilson is also performing Beach Boys classics in the show with only two solo songs in the 38 song set list he performed in Auckland, New Zealand last week before coming to Australia.

Brian Wilson, Auckland, March 26, 2016

Set One
  • Our Prayer (from 20/20, 1969)
  • Heroes and Villains (from Smiley Smile, 1967)
  • California Girls (from Summer Days and Summer Nights, 1965)
  • Dance, Dance, Dance (from The Beach Boys Today, 1965)
  • I Get Around (from All Summer Long, 1964)
  • Shut Down (from Surfin’ USA, 1963)
  • Little Deuce Coupe (from Surfer Girl, 1963)
  • Then I Kissed Her (from Summer Days and Summer Nights, 1965)
  • Wake The World (from Friends, 1968)
  • Add Some Music To Your Day (from Sunflower, 1970)
  • Honkin' Down The Highway (from Love You, 1977)
  • In My Room (from Surfer Girl, 1963)
  • Surfer Girl (from Surfer Girl, 1963)
  • Don’t Worry Baby (from Shut Down Vol 2, 1964)
  • One Kind of Love (from No Pier Pressure, 2015)
  • Funky Pretty (from Holland, 1973)
  • Wild Honey (from Wild Honey, 1967)
  • Sail On Sailor (from Holland, 1973)
Set Two
  • Wouldn’t It Be Nice (from Pet Sounds, 1966)
  • You Still Believe In Me (from Pet Sounds, 1966)
  • That’s Not Me (from Pet Sounds, 1966)
  • Don’t Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder) (from Pet Sounds, 1966)
  • I’m Waiting For The Day (from Pet Sounds, 1966)
  • Let’s Go Away For Awhile (from Pet Sounds, 1966)
  • Sloop John B (from Pet Sounds, 1966)
  • God Only Knows (from Pet Sounds, 1966)
  • I Know There’s An Answer (from Pet Sounds, 1966)
  • Here Today (from Pet Sounds, 1966)
  • I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times (from Pet Sounds, 1966)
  • Pet Sounds (from Pet Sounds, 1966)
  • Caroline No (from Pet Sounds, 1966)
  • Good Vibrations (from Smiley Smile, 1967)
  • All Summer Long (from All Summer Long, 1964)
  • Help Me Ronda (from Summer Days and Summer Nights, 1965)
  • Barbara Ann (single, 1965)
  • Surfin’ USA (from Surfin’ USA, 1963)
  • Fun Fun Fun (from Shut Down Vol 2, 1964)
  • Love and Mercy (from Brian Wilson, 1988)

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Mickstah54 said...

Thanks for the report. I'm looking forward to seeing this show when it comes to the Atlanta area. But I'm not sure why you felt it necessary to trash Satanic Majesties Request when speaking of the huge influence of Pet Sounds. The Stones have gone on to make many, many more records than either the Beach Boys or the Beatles, because of their amazing longevity. Obviously, they've made some classic recordings, and some really great ones that don't necessarily classify as classics as well. The point is that the Stones have gone through lots of phases in their recording history. Thankfully they didn't continue to just make the same recordings over and over again as a blues-based band, with one primary singer, could very easily have done. Instead, they tried some different approaches and sounds, and gave us uniquely different Stones "periods" through their recordings. I love just about every one of those periods for what they are, especially Satanic Majesties Request, because it is so different, and because it resulted in some of the coolest Stones songs of all time. If the Stones were to do what Brian's doing, and play SMR as a concept concert, I, and likely millions of others, would be there in a heartbeat for such an event. I think you should really give that recording some repeated listens, as you've missed something. I know it's become fashionable to bash SMR, but as a music writer, perhaps you should use your own ears, and think for yourself.

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