Puddle Of Mudd Walks Off Stage, Cutting Show Short, Due to Lead Wes Scantlin Antics

Puddle of Mudd's show in Doncaster, England was cut at about the halfway point when the band members walked off the stage leaving lead singer Wes Scantlin to fend for himself.

Scantlin was reportedly drunk and putting on a sub-standard show, something that has become commonplace in recent months, and the band had enough. This is the third time this year that a show was shortened by Scantlin's behavior.

Here's is fan shot footage of the scene just after the band left the stage with Wes' blaming them for the interruption of the show. It's obvious, especially from one fan that was close to the camera, they the crowd is not buying Scantlin's opinion. Caution: a LOT of NSFW language.

In the 3-plus minute clip, Scantlin only gets to use the microphone for about a minute before it is cut off and music is piped through the speakers. Still, he remains seated on the stage as if something more is going to happen.

Scantlin's spiral into the depths of his addictions has been ongoing for some time. He was arrested late last July for DWI with over four-times the limit of alcohol in his blood and, ten days later, was pulled over again for another DWI arrest. In January, he was arrested again for breaking into a house he once owned.

Where this leaves the current version of Puddle of Mudd is unknown. Their next show is April 15 in St. Petersburg, FL and they show sixteen shows between that date and July 30. Lineup changes within the band have been a regular thing almost from the beginning in 1992. Original guitarist Jimmy Allen only lasted for two years and there have been a total of five different guitar players used over the years. Bassist Sean Sammon and drummer Kenny Burkitt were in the band eight years and were succeeded by four more bass players and four additional drummers.

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