Original AC/DC Singer Dave Evans Says His Return to the Band is a "Total Beatup By the Press"

by Paul Cashmere, Noise11

Original AC/DC singer Dave Evans says he is not rejoining the band.

Evans has shot down news that he was going back to the band that dumped him after the first single calling the reports “a total beatup by the press”.

In a Facebook post Evans wrote, “There are rumours going around the planet that I have offered my services to AC/DC as Brian Johnson is no longer able to perform with the band. This is false and a total beatup by the press. I was asked if I would perform with the band if invited and said of course as it would be rude not to accept such an invitation. That is all”.

The Sydney Morning Herald fuelled the false story in tabloid glory with the sensational headline “AC/DC’s first singer Dave Evans ready to return following Brian Johnson’s withdrawal”.

Dave Evans was the original singer for AC/DC when Malcolm and Angus Young formed the band in November 1973. By September 1974 Evans was replaced with the band’s roadie Bon Scott taking up lead vocals.

Evans sang the band’s first hit Can I Sit Next To You Girl. The song was re-recorded with Bon Scott on vocals for the TNT album in 1975.

“Forget a replacement. Let’s celebrate the contribution of Brian Johnson who never ever sought to replace Bon Scott. A great man, who took in the hardest job in rock n roll and made it his own. Vale Brian. Great job, well done”, Dave said.

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