Barbra Streisand May Have Recorded With Star Wars' Daisy Ridley; Writes of Letters From Bob Dylan

It has not been confirmed what Daisy Ridley, Star Wars' Rey, was doing with Barbra Streisand in a recording studio, but Billboard has suggested that they recorded together.

The whole rumor started when Ridley posted an Instagram photo of the actress and singer and Streisand in what appears to be a recording studio with the message "I'm gonna end this spate of pictures detailing my insane weekend with this... Ummmmmmmmmmmm..."

Ridley has never recorded before but she does have training in the musical theater, having attended Tring Park Theatre School north of London. Prior to Star Wars: The Force Awakens, she had appeared in the film Scrawl and a number of British television shows.

Streisand has spoken to the New York Times about letter she had received in the past from Bob Dylan. Her memory of the letter were jogged with the story of Dylan's archives being given to the University of Tulsa.

In the archive was a card written by Streisand thanking Dylan for a letter and flowers and suggesting that they record together. She then told the Times that she had receive a note from Dylan proposing a duet and, years later, a separate letter along with his newest album suggesting that there might be songs that she would like to record on it. Based on the fact that Dylan references Streisand's film Yentl in the second letter, it is most likely that the album he sent to Barbra was Infidels.

Streisand also said that Dylan stated in the note "You are my favorite star. Your self-determination, wit and temperament and sense of justice have always appealed to me."

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