VVN Music Expands Artists on TV Listings

VVN Music has expanded the Music Artists on TV section of their site to better encompass all artists and genres.

In the past, Artists on TV and the Internet has concentrated on just veteran music artists who have been recording for twenty years or more. As of Monday, February 8, this section has been re-titled "Music Artists on TV" and now includes appearances by ALL artists, whether they be veterans or modern.

In general, this will be first showings of all shows with only a few notable repeats included. Many music networks such as VH1 Classics, Palladia (now MTV Live) and AXS TV have around-the-clock music programming, only a fraction of which is brand new. It would be overly cumbersome to include all of their repeat programming in our listing.

The listings are for United States broadcast and cable television, only.

At the same time, listings for Internet concerts have been removed. With the Yahoo/Live Nation agreement severely cutting the number of shows that they are streaming and the advent of the site LiveList.com, we felt that it was a duplication of effort and that LiveList provided a much more comprehensive list of on-line appearances.

Music Artists on TV

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