SWV Calls Out Target For Leaving Their New Album in the Stockroom

Target has become well known for handling exclusive versions of new albums with exclusive tracks only available through the retailer.

That is the case for the new album Still by the veteran R&B trio SWV. The Target exclusive version of their new album includes three songs not available anywhere else (Right Here, I'm So Into You, Weak).

That should be huge incentive for fans to buy the album at the retailer so it's no surprise that the members of the group are mad that fans are telling them that the CD can't be found on some of Target's shelves. The group took to their Facebook page on Sunday morning to call out the retail giant on the error:
Dear Target,

We have received many complaints from our fans about the absence of our new release "Still" on your shelves. This is very disappointing since our album has been placed in your stores as a "Target Exclusive!" When the cd is requested it has to be pulled from your stockroom. WHEN YOU PUT YOUR TARGET EXCLUSIVE OF SWV's "STILL" ALBUM ON YOUR SHELVES I CAN GUARANTEE YOUR EMPLOYEES WILL NEVER HAVE TO SEE YOUR STOCKROOM AGAIN‼
Dear Target,We have received many complaints from our fans about the absence of our new release "Still" on your...
Posted by SWV on Sunday, February 7, 2016
SWV was originally formed in 1990 as a gospel group by had transformed into R&B for their 1992 debut album, It's About Time. That album produced four top ten hits (Right Here (1992 / #2 Pop / #13 R&B), I'm So Into You (1993 / #6 Pop / #2 R&B), Weak (1993 / #1 Pop / #1 R&B), Right Here/Human Nature / Downtown (1993 / #2 Pop / #1 R&B)) and was followed by two more sets before a long hiatus that ended with the 2012 album I Missed Us. Still is the group's fifth studio album.

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