Phil Collins Has "Bits" of New Music; No Plans to Tour

Phil Collins wants to set the record straight on his new projects.

The singer, recently out of retirement, confirms that he is still writing his autobiography even though it is due out in October but, as far as the rest, nothing is certain.

In an interview with Consequences of Sound, Collins says that he has "bits" of new music but he hasn't tried to complete it and he really isn't into the swing of creating quite yet.
Well, I’ve got loads of bits — undeveloped bits that I will probably visit. My studio is being set up next week. So I’ll turn it on and sit down at a piano and see what happens.

I’m being encouraged to do this by my kids. My kids want me to write new songs. It’s in my house and during the day, when I’m not doing something and they’re at school, I’ll sit and start writing and see what goes on. I mean, I haven’t written in such a long time that I need to get back into the groove of it, the rhythm of it. And I’ve got lots of ideas. I’ve got lots of bits that I haven’t developed that are just sitting there, and I’ve even got some lyrics that need music, so I’ve got things to start on.
He went on to say that, while people are saying that he's making a record, "I'm not. I haven't written a song yet."

Then there is the question of touring, which doesn't look like it's in the cards:
I have said that I would like to do a few shows, and now people are saying, “You’re going back out on tour,” but I’m not going to go back out on tour.

I like the rhythm of my life. It’s very important to me at this moment of my life to be with my kids. I do not want to go back out on the road. I think doing some shows would be fun. I know I’m going to be doing that once the foot is better. There have been pictures of me with a walking stick, and that’s the reason I’m with a stick. It’s because of my foot — it’s not old age, you know.
There's more from Collins on his reissue project and his sons entering the music business at Consequences of Sound.

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