Father Writes Letter Excusing Daughter From School For Their First Springsteen Concert

Now, don't you just wish you were this cool (or had such a cool dad)?

Patrick Pipino, a Ben and Jerry's franchise owner in Saratoga Springs, NY, wanted to take his daughters Isabelle, 12, and Sarah, 7, to their first Bruce Springsteen concert at The Times Union Center in Albany on Monday night.

Springsteen is infamous for taking the state up to an hour late, just as he is also famous for playing for three to four hours, so the concert went very late into the evening and it's just really hard for a couple of young children to get up for school after a late night out.

So, Pipino wrote a notes for them asking that they be excused, comparing the Boss to another, rather otherworldly, Boss:

There's no word on how long the girls will have to make up their homework.

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