Vintage Video: Thin Lizzy With Phil Lynott From 1976

Thirty years ago today, on January 4, 1986, Thin Lizzy frontman Phil Lynott died in a hospital in Salisbury, Wiltshire, England from a combination of internal abscesses, pneumonia and sepsis. It has been said that all three were brought on by his drug dependencies.

Thin Lizzy was formed in December 1969 at a club in Dublin, Ireland when former Them members Eric Bell and Eric Wrixon saw a performance of the band Orphanage with vocalist Lynott and drummer Brian Downey. By July 1970, they had released their first single, minus Wrixon, and were signed with Decca Records before the end of the year.

Unfortunately, their three albums for the label all failed to chart and, in 1974, they moved to Vertigo records who also waited through two more minor albums before Thin Lizzy finally hit with Fighting (1975 / #60 U.K.). The big breakthrough, though, came a year later with Jailbreak which went to number 10 in the U.K. and 18 in the U.S. on the strength of the single The Boys Are Back in Town.

Of the six albums they released after Jailbreak, four went to the top ten and one peaked at number 11 (1981's Renegade only hit 38) in the U.K. but Lynott was interested in striking out solo and started releasing discs on his own in 1980. Thin Lizzy broke up by the end of 1983.

Since that time, there have been numerous reunions of the band but none have recorded new material, saying that it would not be a Thin Lizzy album without Lynott. Members of the band recently formed Black Star Riders and have recorded new material under that name.

Here, from 1976, Thin Lizzy perform Jailbreak, Emeral, The Boys Are Back in Town and Rosalie/Cowboy Song.

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