Vintage Video: A Look Inside Motown's Hitsville Studio A

January 3 is an important day for two of the most iconic music buildings in history.

On January 3, 1950, Sam Phillips opened his Sun Recording Studio in Memphis, TN and, on the same date nine years later, Berry Gordy moved his Motown Records operation into its Hitsville U.S.A. Home in Detroit. 

Located at 2648 West Grand Boulevard, it was previously a photography studio but Berry purchased the building and renovated it to include his administrative offices and the studios where so many of the great Motown hits were recorded. By 1966, the label had also purchased six other local buildings for such enterprises as Jobete Publishing, the company finance department and International Talent Management. 

Today, the main building along with three others are the Motown Museum. In this video, nominated for a local Emmy last year, My Detroit Cable looks at the history of Hitsville USA.

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