Peter Cetera "Offers" to Play One Song With Chicago at Rock Hall Induction

Peter Cetera's big breaking news is that he is willing to come on stage to perform just one song, 25 or 6 to 4, at Chicago's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction.

In an open letter to the surviving members of the band, Cetera seems to lay out a number of conditions for his appearance. First, he only wants to perform the rock classic. No mention of the other hits on which Peter sang such as If You Leave Me Now and Baby, What a Big Surprise or the rest of the Chicago songs where his voice was blended in the background.

Second, he wants that song to be the big finale of their appearance.

He finishes by saying that, if they agree to his "demands", it could help heel old wounds.

Here is the text of the message:
January 6, 2016

Hello Everyone! I’ve just sent this mail to everyone involved. Hopefully it will answer all the questions concerning my participation in the Hall of Fame induction..Thanks

Hello Robert, Danny, Lee, Walter, and James. I’m sending this to you and Danny since yours are the only email addresses I have. Please forward this to everyone.

First off, congratulations all around on this long overdue honor. While our fans believe we should have been inducted years ago, they find it harder to believe that we haven’t even been nominated in all that time. Oh well, we are now!

All the credit goes to those who voted for us in overwhelming numbers during the recent poll. They alone deserve our thanks for finally making this happen.

I know we all look forward to speaking that evening and I’m sure we all wish that Terry was there to join us. That can’t happen unfortunately, but I have one thing that can.
As a finale, we can walk onstage together one last time as a group, I’ll strap on the bass, and we can do 25or6to4 in the key of E. I believe it would make for one fantastic Hall of Fame moment and satisfy those who have always wanted some sort of reunion.

Along with your current members, I would also like us to invite past members Laudir de Oliveira, Donnie Dacus, Kenny Cetera, Chris Pinnick, and Bill Champlin to join us up there as well on the song. They’ve all contributed to the legacy of the group and I think this would be a fitting way to honor them.

In the end, this should go a long way towards healing old wounds and showing solidarity on that night. At least I hope so!

See you all in Brooklyn, Peter
Through this whole controversy, we've tried to be neutral in our reporting; however, this letter has pushed us to say that it is time for Cetera to acknowledge that he was a MEMBER of the band that is being inducted. He was not the "big star". He was not bigger or better than Robert Lamm, Lee Loughnane, James Pankow, Walt Parazaider, Danny Seraphine or the late Terry Kath. He was not the only singer, songwriter or instrumentalist in the band. All seven of those men created the Chicago sound and are as responsible for their success in the 70's and early-80's.

Cetera needs to, for one night, simply become a part of Chicago again. To "demand" that he be singled out for the "big finale" or be treated any different from the other members is the height of arrogance.


Edward DeGraaf said...

So many GREAT rock-n-roll bands have been destroyed by one person thinking they are bigger than the group. I really hate that.

Chris said...

I'm excited that he might perform, but it's clear why he and the band have never reconciled. Sure Jason Scheff doesn't have his raw talent, but he's a much better fit for the band and is one of the main reasons Chicago is still around. They were always bigger than one member--well, until Cetera decided he wanted all of the power.

jfgtl said...

This will "heal old wounds"? I think he just made the wounds deeper. What an arrogant dick!. Who does he think he is by taking it upon himself to invite all past members when he's a past member himself? It's not his place. He didn't even have the class to reference their "current members" by name. I hope the band ignore this clown and play without him. They've been touring and keeping their name out there for years while he's faded into obscurity and he still has the nerve to think he's the star of the show.

kevin brislawn said...

Cetera IS one of america's best vocalists of all time! Without doubt chicago should have been in the r&R Hall of Fame well over 20 years ago!

Whenever i hear a Chicago tune reminds me of my late teen adult early years as a young man..Way to go Peter and band members!

Sean Clark said...

Cetera really doesn't get it. His egocentric approach to this whole thing is as pathetic as it gets.

Keith Jordan said...

Peter is a great artist, but he needs his head examined. Maybe he can learn kindness and cooperation.

Anonymous said...

I loved the original line-up & saw them many times. Bought all the albums til Terry Kath passed. Too bad Peter thinks he's the only one we all care about. They deserve the honor, but he can stay home if that's his attitude. As any musician knows, anybody can play bass with a 10 minute lesson (LOL...)

Bobby said...

Well, up until now I thought Cetera was an egotistical idiot I know he is.

Anonymous said...

Cetera is stuck in the 80s. This whole "big announcement" tease along with the list of demands is the working of an immature ass. I hope they decline! Wouldn't that be hilarious? However, I know they'll take they high road and play the thing in E for this little brat.

Anonymous said...

Grow up, Pete. The big news in my book is Danny sitting behind the drums again. Peter quit. Danny was fired. Chicago hasn't had a decent drummer since Danny. His new group California Transit Authority is incredible. They would blow Chicago off the stage. Grown men, let's bury the hatchet and act your ages. Those original 7 ARE Chicago... I wonder if any of them ever sit back and realize that, no matter how talented they are and how great their songs are, without the record buying public (US) they would be nothing. Here's to Chicago 1967-1978!

Anonymous said...

I like all of peter cetera's email to the band except for the part where he's brought in for the finale as the featured player. It's a little bit of a power play and the mere request sends an awful message to the rest of the band.

However it is super thoughtful of peter to want to include all past and present players.

If you look at Chicagos discography and the tour schedule in support of all albums Chicago was and still is the hardest working band EVER!
It has been reported that Peter didn't want to be away from his young family and that is why he parted ways and that perhaps a solo career could afford him the time and finances to do so

Schef just left the band perhaps this may be the time to bring Peter back!

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