Pet Shop Boys Announce New Album, London Royal Opera House Residency

The Pet Shop Boys will release their new album, Super, on April 1 via their X2 label through the Kobalt Label Service.

The album is once again produced by Stuart Price in the second of a planned trilogy of albums that started with their 2013's Electric. Overall, this is the Pet Shop Boys' thirteenth original studio album.

Those that pre-order the album will get an immediate download of the track Inner Sanctum while the first official single from the set will be The Pop Kids.

Neil Tennant said that they wanted Super to be a companion to Electric but actually have a more electric sound:
Stuart came over to our studio in London in July and we listened through to everything we’d written and made a decision to go with the more electronic/dancey ones, including darker songs, like “Sad robot world”. We had ones which were more conventionally “pop” that we decided not to put on, but maybe might be on the next album. We wanted to make an album that had a very strong electronic mood all the way through it. It felt like Electric had been a sort of “rebooting” of the Pet Shop Boys, reminding ourselves that we came into this whole thing because we liked electronic music. Until this album and the previous album we’ve never been electronic purists – there have always been other instruments and orchestras and things like that. Whereas this album and Electric are purely electronic albums.
The track list for the album:
  • Happiness
  • The Pop Kids
  • Twenty-something
  • Groovy
  • The dictator decides
  • Pazzo!
  • Inner sanctum
  • Undertow
  • Sad robot world
  • Say it to me
  • Burn
  • Into thin air
A one-minute promo video for the new album also using Inner Sanctum:

The duo will also be launching a short residency at London's Royal Opera House that will run nightly from July 20 to 23. The shows, their only appearances in the U.K. this year, is being staged by Es Devlin and choreographed by Lynne Page.

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