Glenn Frey's Songwriting Partner J.D. Souther Issues Statement

by Paul Cashmere, Noise11

JD Souther, Glenn Frey’s other songwriting partner for over 40 years, has issued a statement about the passing of Frey.
Glenn Frey was my first songwriting partner and best friend when we set out to realize our dreams of making great music in Los Angeles. Our first year together will always seem like yesterday to me. His amazing capacity for the big joke and that brilliant groove that lived inside him are with me, even now, in this loss and sorrow. I will miss him every day but then…he is always here, isn’t he? I can’t say any more than that for now. The music and the love are indestructible.

Rest Quietly Dear Little Brother

You are greatly loved and missed

John David Souther
Souther and Frey collaborated on Eagles hits Best Of My Love, Heartache Tonight and New Kid In Town as well as Victim of Love from Hotel California. How Long from Long Road Out Of Eden is also a JD Souther song.

Souther also co-wrote Her Town Too, a hit with James Taylor. He appears regularly as the character Watty White in the TV show Nashville.

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Anonymous said...

J D Souther. of all the sentiments written about Glenn Freu's passing I like yours the most. It was personal and heartfelt.
I appreciated your words. They comforted me. When you said the words will never die. That is so true.

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