Don McLean's Wife Dismisses Protection Order, Divorce is Off

Don McLean's wife, Patrisha McLean, has cancelled an Order of Protection that she filed for in the wake of her husband's domestic violence charge.

McLean was arrested at his home in Camden, Maine on January 18 and arrested for for a charge of domestic violence that later came out was against his wife. Patricia McLean later claimed in a written statement to police that her husband had held her hostage for four hours before she was able to call 911 in a move she claims saved her life. She also had said that the couple would be getting a divorce.

On Monday, the news came out that the couple had agreed to "move forward" and that the order of protection had been dropped. Attorney Walter McKee also stated that "Neither party is seeking divorce. This now becomes a private matter."

Patricia also said in a statement on Sunday "Don has a big heart. He and I had many happy times in the 30 years of our marriage and what has recently transpired is unfortunate for all of us."

McLean is due back in court on February 22.

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