British Singer Black (Colin Vearncombe) in Coma After Serious Car Accident

by Paul Cashmere, Noise11

Liverpool singer Colin Vearncombe aka Black is listed as critical and in a coma following a car crash on Sunday.

The 53-year old singer, a resident of Ireland for the past 10 years, was involved in the accident near Cork Airport on January 10. He has sustained a serious head injury and doctors report that he has a slim chance of pulling through.

Vearncombe’s family have released the following information.
Scans have revealed that the injuries to his brain are worse than we feared and that he has only a slim chance of pulling through.

He is in a stable condition, which is being managed by the amazing staff of the Intensive Treatment Unit, with his family by his side. More scans are scheduled for Friday morning, however it is clear that if we are going to see an improvement, we will need a miracle.

Colin’s wife Camilla has asked that anyone who wants to, to send collective healing and positive energy to Colin particularly between 12:00 and 14:00 GMT, today, Wednesday 20th in the hope of the miracle we need. If you miss this time, no matter – your thoughts are still very welcome.

We understand that you may wish to send some token of your love, however, the hospital is unable to accept flowers or gifts. Please leave any messages here or send more private thoughts via email to

We will pass them on to Colin and the family as soon as it’s appropriate.

We would ask that the family are given space to deal with these difficult times in private.
Black had a worldwide hit with Wonderful Life in 1988 after first denting the chart with Sweetest Smile earlier. Sweetest Smile reached number 87 in Australia and number 8 in the UK. Wonderful Life peaked at number 7 in Australia and number 8 in the UK.

Black’s international success was at that moment only but he continued to make albums and score occasional UK hits with the songs The Big One, You’re A Big Girl Now, Now You’re Gone, Feel Like Change and Here It Comes Again. Wonderful Life also returned to the UK chart in 1994.

Black’s most recent album, Blind Faith, was released in 2015.

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