Bowie to Drop From Top in U.S. (But Not Far); Host of Other Veteran Albums Move Up Charts

The new charts won't be out until Tuesday, but the early projections are in from Hits Daily Double and it looks like David Bowie will fall from the top of the U.S. charts.

Not that it is that surprising. The big first week sales of Blackstar, giving him his first number one album ever in American, were only partially due to fandom and critical praise, but also to his untimely death. People ran out to find out what they had been missing in the last thirty or so years of the artist's career since the time of Let's Dance.

Blackstar's sales are projected to be down around 52% to 81,000+ putting it behind the sales of Panic! at the Disco's Death of a Bachelor (171,000) and Adele's 25 (122,000). When streaming is added in, Bowie falls to fourth with Justin Bieber's Purpose moving ahead.

The Best of Bowie is also projected to have a good week with sales of 23,200/29,400 with streaming, putting it just out of the top ten for the week.

The album that is currently the second biggest selling in U.S. history at over 29 million, the Eagles' Their Greatest Hits '71 - '75, could move back into the top ten this week. With estimated sales of 21,000 but a much more impressive 31,000 with streaming, it is looking like either a number 10 or 11 placement for the set.

Veteran artists also placing well include Hank Williams, Jr. whose It's About Time will end up in the lower teens with sales of 23,000 and sales plus streaming of 24,300, and Fleetwood Mac's Greatest Hits which will be in the mid-20's with 17,300 sales and sales plus streaming.

The final charts will be out on Tuesday.

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