Bernie Worrell of Parliament-Funkadelic Suffering From Cancer

Bernie Worrell, the keyboard player for Parliament-Funkadelic and a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, has been diagnosed with two different forms of cancer including stage 4 lung cancer.

Worrell's wife, Judie, first announced the diagnosis on his Facebook page on New Year's Day, saying:
I have not wanted to share this information with anyone this soon. But, I am being told "people around the world LOVE Bernie, they would help if they knew". We shall see: Bernie is suffering from 4th Stage Lung Cancer. He wants his album released in his lifetime (if you have not already, please go to the indiegogo page (see Kevin's posts for the actual URL). Then, we will address trying to find a cure for him. We have rejected chemotherapy (at this point) but he is undergoing naturopathic treatment (for which we are trying to raise money) which does the same but without the toxic chemical stew. There is a man (Dr. James Forsythe in Reno NV) who has, reportedly, had success with late stage cancer patients. PLEASE do NOT start inundating me with methodologies. Dr. Forsythe reportedly uses a combination of naturopathic herbs and supplements AND low dose chemotherapy with cannabis oil. Please say whatever you have to say to whichever Diety/Great Spirit/Allah/God/Jehovah in whom you believe -- and should Bernie be appearing somewhere GO SEE HIM.....just don't talk about this to him. It is totally overwhelming for him and he does NOT want a lot of emotional histrionics. (this is, of course, Judie)
She followed up two days later, saying:
Many people are asking me "how is Bernie?". He's fine. The pain he is in is from his arthritis. So far, thankfully, he is not feeling any effects from the cancer. I will let you all know when that changes.
Judie has also told sources that Bernie was originally diagnosed with a mild form of prostate cancer with the more serious lung cancer discovered after further testing which also showed it had metastasized to his liver and pleural cavities.

Those that would like to donate to the fund that is being used to get Worrell's album out as soon as possible should go to the Indiegogo page.

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